Murree Patriata Abbottabad Tour

Murree Patriata Abbottabad Tour

3 Days tour to Murree Patriata Abbottabad Tour

Murree Patriata Abbottabad tour package . The most popular hill stations in Pakistan where you can enjoy every day of your tour. In Murree you can enjoy the chairlift at  Pindi Point and beautiful views at Kashmir point . In Ayubia enjoy the coldest atmosphere take a ride of Chairlift and u can watch the adventures scenes during the ride of chair. You can also visit Ayubia National Forest Park. The Nathiyagali is located in the lower of Himalaya range at the altitude of 8205 feet on 2501 m.

Patriata is the most beautiful hill station , it is also known as New Murree. The hill station is a tourist location as the climate here is much cooler than further south. There is a chair lift and cable car system for transportation to the highest point. The area is heavily forested and there are many monkeys and leopards in the area of Murree, Ayubia, Nathiyagali and Patriata are the most enjoyable hill station in Pakistan. Here you can enjoy the coldest atmosphere and the  beautiful natural scenes.Also visit abbottabad and thandiani .

Places to visit in Murree Patriata Abbottabad Tour

Murree, Patriata, Ayubia, Donga Gali, Nathiyagali, Abbottabad, Thandiani

Murree Patriata Abbottabad Tour Plan:

 Day 1: Departure from Islamabad

  • Breakfast at hotel restaurant
  •  Walk around Mall road and Bhurban
  • Drive to Patriata
  • Chairlift and Cable car + sightseeing + tea
  • Drive to Ayubia in Evening
  • Overnight stay at Ayubia Hotel


Day 2: Departure from Ayubia

  • Breakfast at Hotel restaurant
  • Trekking to Donga Gali track
  • Travel to Nathiyagali Gali and lunch (self) at Nathiyagali
  • Travel to Mushkpuri and Sightseeing at Mushkpuri
  • BBQ/Bonfire with Local Music  (Complimentary)
  • Overnight stay in Nathiyagali Gali Hotel


Day 3: Departure from Nathiyagali

  • Breakfast at hotel restaurant
  • Abbottabad city Tour and Harnoi
  • Trip to Thandiani
  • Sightseeing, trekking
  • Return to Islamabad

End of Tour

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S.No Type of Vehicle No. of Pax Price Per Person (PKR)
1 Coaster Min 22-25 Persons Rs 9,500/
2 Hi-Roof Min 13-15 Persons Rs 9,500/
3 APV Min 05-07 Persons Rs 18,000/
4 Car Min 04 Persons Rs 19,000/
5 Parado Min 04-05 Persons Rs 31,000/


*Rs. 2000/- Extra Charges for couples on Twin Sharing



  • Transportation
  • Refreshment on the way
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Wi-Fi Facility throughout the way
  • First Aid Kit
  • Quality Hotel Stay
  • BBQ/Bonfire with local Music


  • Murree

Murree is one of the largest resort towns in the Galiyaat region of Pakistan besides Donga Gali, Nathiyagali, Ayubia and Patriata (new Murree). Murree lies at a distance of 49.5 Kilometers from Islamabad i.e. approximately 1 hour 27 minutes drive. Murree is the most renowned tourist hill station in Pir Panjral range. Murree has honored to host the most number of foreigners and Head of the States at various occasions and is also home town to several prominent Englishmen. Murree’s weather is cold with snowy winters, and relatively cool summers with drastically escalated rain. Chairlift in Patriata (new Murree), Mall road, Army area and Convent of Jesus & Mary, famous convent school in Murree are some of the famous area to be visited.

  • Patriata

Patriata is also known as new Murree and is located at 15 kilometers from Murree Hill. Patriata is famous for its Chairlift and cable car. Dense forests of Patriata can be seen from the chairlift and cable car. Weather of Patriata is pleasant in summers and colder in winters.

  • Ayubia

Ayubia is located at 53 minutes (22.5 kilometers) drive from Murree and is famous for its Ayubia National Park. Most of the people travel to Ayubia to enjoy its track and sightseeing landscape. While trekking from Ayubia to Donga Gali (at 26 minutes drive from Ayubia) one can see the clouds passing by which makes Ayubia track very romantic and peaceful.

  • Donga Gali 

Donga Gali is a famous trekking site from Ayubia to Donga Gali and takes almost 3 hours 25 minutes to reach Donga Gali track from Ayubia. The scenic landscape of Donga Gali attracts its tourist to reach their by walk.

  • Nathiyagali 

Nathiyagali is famous for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks, pleasant weather and most of all its monkeys roaming on roadside. The weather of Nathiyagali is much cooler place than the rest of Galiyaat due to being at greater altitude. The drive to Nathiyagali is approximately at one hour i.e. 34 kilometers from Murree and Abbottabad and is the central point between two cities.

  • Mushkpuri Top

Mushkpuri Top is situated above Donga Gali is and is famous for its snow covered area. Mushkpuri is famous for its bird sanctuary.  Mushkpuri top is also famous for its one can have a bird eye view of river Jhelum, District Bagh, Murree and Islamabad.

  • Abbottabad

Abbottabad is also known as “The City of Schools” where one can find schools at every step. Abbottabad is in Hazara region and Hindko is the most spoken language in the city. Most famous places in Abbottabad are Kakul Military Academy, Lady Bird Park, Shimla Pahari, Main market with all brands available and Harnoi Lake. Abbottabad is also the corridor to Naran. Ilyasi Masjid of Abbottabad is the most famous food spot (other than Drangon city Hotel, Pizza Hut, Usmania restaurant etc) for tourists to taste and take away different types of Pakoras (egg, potato, spinach, green chilies and onions) during their trip to Harnoi and Naran. Ilyasi Masjid is situated at the drive of 10 minutes from Pizza Hut Abbottabad.

  • Thandiani

Thandiani is located about 31 kilometers from Abbottabad in the foothills of the Himalayas. Thandiani is a hill spot and as its name indicates it’s a very cold spot where winters remains freezing cold. Excellent weather and lush green forests and snow-covered vistas and hills are the biggest tourist attraction in Thandiani.

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